The year God took a nap, but we didn’t

13 min readJun 11, 2021

’Twas the 12th of March, when a very naive 30-something girl penned down an essay about the possibility of the world ending in 2020 with a bold smirk on her face like she was doing the world a favor with her optimistic coping mechanisms and know-it-all attitude, and boy, was she wrong!

Speaking of the Upside-Down,

  • Since then, our beloved Earth lost over 3.57M of its residents to a bat-virus that our ex-president and 33% of America call a hoax; which turned the other 33% vegan in shattering grief.
  • This opened up a real monetization opportunity for some Silicon Valley techies, who got together and created a handwashing reminder app. Possibly from someone’s basement.
  • We finally moved into an apartment with two bathrooms! Thanks to the pandemic dive that the real-estate market took. Two full bathrooms! That’s real adulting in Manhattan terms.
  • Last but not least, I got promoted from the-lazy-wife-who-gets-by to the-mother-who-is-trying-too-hard.

The Apocalyptic summer of 2020

We definitely hit a nerve with God last year; his fury manifested into our Royal Prince (the one with hair) exiting his palace to grow his own mushroom somewhere under the bright Cali sun.




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